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About Our Firm

Young Business Marketing works to meet your business and marketing needs. Utilizing expert knowledge in digital marketing, we bring value to your business and deliver results to achieve your goals.

Our award-winning design work brings passion and enthusiasm to every project. From original designs to branding updates, we have you covered. As a client, you are given the customized attention and budget that works best to fit your needs.

A large portion of being discovered as a firm is your online presence. Don’t overlook the value of search engine results and social media. Let our firm guide you through the digital space and make a statement on the web!

Meet Tiffany! Owner | Marketing Specialist

Tiffany is a digital marketing guru with over a decade of experience in the digital realm, helping clients build their brand at various touch points in their growth. When she isn’t working her day job running the Marketing Department for a global firm, she assists both small to medium-sized companies in the local area, consulting in areas of traditional marketing, branding awareness, strategic analysis, social media marketing, pay-per-click ads and targeted traffic, organic and paid search, digital advertising, and more!

Tiffany is both an entrepreneur and a leader. She currently holds an MBA, graduating with Honors from Pennsylvania State University. She also holds two undergraduate degrees, in both Business Management and Marketing. Her previous experience has involved overseeing a team of sales and marketing professionals and revolutionizing the Marketing Department of various local companies.

Aside from running a consulting firm, Tiffany is very successful and active in her community. She has previously written two pieces of legislation during an Internship at the PA House of Representatives. In her youth, Tiffany enjoyed traveling the country, acting as Concertmistress of the Hershey Festival of Strings under Sandra Dackow. As an adult, she performs as a violinist with the Hershey Symphony Orchestra and was Board President in former years. She continues to perform her violin for weddings and other professional events.

One of Tiffany’s passions is helping animals in need at the local SPCA. She is also passionate about mental health and a Board member of Please Live, a non-profit organization that focuses on suicide prevention in Central Pennsylvania. She stated, “Making a difference is what I look forward to every day, whether it is in my personal or professional life.”


Tiffany Young, MBA

Tiffany Young, MBA

Owner, Young Business Marketing

I love helping small businesses thrive online! Connect with me. Let’s build your digital brand!