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On-page SEO

Did you know that over 70% of website traffic comes from landing on the first page of a search engine? It is imperative that we help you reach your goals of acquiring new clients and staying ahead of your competition. We can provide a keyword analysis and site audit which will key in target areas of how to apply on-page optimization to increase your rankings. Opportunities include new keyword targeting, updating of meta tags, title tags, and headers, blogging, refreshing and updating content, redesign of user interface and website layout, and linkbuilding.

Google Analytics Setup and Audits/Reporting

If you haven’t heard of Google Analytics, have no fear! In sum, the data provided by these reports shows you specific information about your audience which your business will find useful. How many people are coming to my website weekly? Daily? What is the average age range and demographic for my target audience? What time of the day or week am I obtaining the most traffic? Which pages are people going to the most? Are my paid advertisements on other sites sending me referral traffic? Is social media helping link customers to me? These are all things that we can answer for you once we install a tracking code on your website and can begin to collect and analyze the data. Those who do not know or understand this information are missing out on the most important aspect of your business–understanding your audience!

PPC: Google Adwords and Bing Ads

Have you ever wondered what the ads were on the top and side panels of your search engine? Those are paid ads which target specific keywords you type in the search pane. Let us help you gain more paid traffic and attention to your website by designing a campaign that meets your budget. We are Google Adwords certified experts!

Social Media Marketing: Setup and Maintenance

New to social media? Don’t have the time to dedicate weekly to sharing information?  That is what we are here for! Sit back and spend your time doing what you do best- running the business. We will take care of the rest. From creating custom cover and profile photos, to posting weekly for you, we will target your audience and develop a strategy that aligns with your business goals. We will walk through you approximately how many followers to expect, dependant upon the aggressiveness of the campaigns we can tailor to your brand.

Social Media Advertising

It has been shown that running ads on social media can be highly effective. We can work with daily click budget and provide in-depth results. We will build you a campaign that targets your specific audience, based upon demographic data such as location, gender, age, interests, groups and job title (for LinkedIn).


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